Taunton has excellent training provision, schools and colleges.

A skilled workforce

Part of the vision for a Garden Town is to ensure that the community has good access to education and training to put people on the best possible path for a successful career. Taunton is home to a skilled local workforce and most people have qualifications well above the national average.

Further education

The area offers plenty of choice for training your workforce. Bridgwater and Taunton College and Richard Huish College provide a range of vocational courses at further and higher education levels. There are also many private training providers located here who offer both industry standard and bespoke training packages.

A university for Somerset

Development of a dedicated University for Somerset is also underway with a University Centre being established at the Taunton Campus of the Bridgwater and Taunton College.

This will focus initially on vocational degrees linked to other Universities, with the intention of achieving full degree award status in due course. Bringing University level education to Taunton is important in boosting our workforce skills for employers and to attract new knowledge based businesses and jobs to the area.

Taunton is a first class location for our business. We employ local highly skilled people, IT engineers for example, but crucially apprentices who can learn those skills, by linking with the three major colleges in the area.


The culture within Taunton allows us to hire staff who really suit the business and embrace our culture: our staff are always very engaging and always looking to better themselves.