Cost Savings

Firms able run their business up to 30% more cost effectively than in London and the South East

The average price of offices for rent in Taunton is £10.42 per square foot, whilst the average price of offices for rent in Bristol is £21.23 per square foot

The average house price in Taunton is £285,535, compared to the South West average of £313,665 and £699,526 in London

Value for money

With a range of quality business space available, and significant development projects underway, Somerset West and Taunton provides many opportunities for businesses looking to relocate to the area or grow.

Offering considerably cheaper commercial space than other business destinations in the South West, and conveniently positioned at the gateway to the region, Somerset West and Taunton is a unique location. The cost of office space is up to half the price than neighbouring Bristol, just half an hour away.

Competitively priced business premises and comparatively lower salaries, combined with access to a large pool of highly skilled talent, can result in major operational savings of up to 30%* for savvy businesses.

The commercial property opportunities are diverse and flexible locations available for rent or purchase across Somerset West and Taunton: from large business parks through to small incubator spaces for start-ups. This alongside potential cost savings, makes it easy for established businesses to expand into the area.

First-class Commercial Property

From prestigious business parks to small incubator spaces for start-ups, from employment land investment opportunities to flexible office accommodation, there are some exciting property options in Somerset West and Taunton. With a commitment from the local authority to increase the amount of strategic commercial development space available and the introduction of a state of the art innovation centre, this is an exciting time for the district. If you are a business looking to invest or locate in a fast growing but affordable area of the UK, with an enviable work-life balance, look no further.

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“Our region is the ideal place to grow your business, with key land developments, strong business to business networks and a vision of innovation. For the quality of life and work, the cost of living is far more reasonable than other districts in the UK.”

Lisa Tuck, Service Manager Economic Development, Growth and Inclusion at Somerset West and Taunton Council